An executive has the responsibility to promote the collective commitment to a central goal. This directly influences the cohesiveness of the work force towards the corporate goals.

These managerial responsibilities absorb a great amount of energy that are not always efficiently directed at the required tasks. These new situations demand an innovative sensibility and flair from company executives.

SCIOLI Security Human Capital undertakes the role of a coach in such situations. We train your management staff to handle this new style of leadership.


  • receive a „coahing plan“ that guides you along this development path.

  • can define the right performance indicators to suit your business style. 

  • prioritise your business goals.

  • have the options that can change, or even improve your management style.

  • gain support in your business activities.

  • profit from the application of proven expert knowledge.

  • witness the positive impact on job performance.

Atelier Rubinzki